Strength Training / Lifting Weights on 07/06/2023

Core and Upper Body Workout-

Core Workout-

Three rounds of the following-
Bird dogs, side planks (32 sec each side), forearm plank(32 seconds), hanging knee raises

Three X each round-

Round one-
Push ups,
Bicep curls (15lb dumbbells),
Bent over rows (15 lb dumbbells),
Front raises (8lb dumbbells)

Round Two-
Close grip pushups,
Back fly (5lb dumbbells),
Triceps kick backs (5lb dumbbells),

Round Three-
French press (10lbs)
Side raises (5lb dumbbells),
Dumbbell floor press (10lb dumbbells),
Triceps dips,

Round Four-
Skull crushers (8lb dumbbells)
Forearm plank (30 sec)