Workout of the Week #4

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Working out at one of our 180+ locations? No? That’s okay!
Working out at home still counts with our Workout of the Week option.

This week’s WoW is brought to you by Mike Arteaga’s Health and Fitness!

Beginner Workout

Warm up
Side lunges
Side to side reach
Quarter squats
march in place

Tabata squats
Side lunges
Table top push-ups
Flutter push-up
Prisoner squats
Side watches
Intermission stretch

Cool down over at stretch
Chest stretch
Side lateral stretch
Double hamstring stretch
Spinal decompression stretch
Spinal rotation stretch
Trapezius stretch
Hip flexor stretch

Intermediate Workout

March in place – 20 times
Jog in place – 20 times
Step side to side – 10 times each side
Step and curl the leg up – 10 times each leg

Sumo Squats -15
Skater Lunges – 20
Total body extensions- 15
Single leg deadlift – 10 on each leg
Mountain climbers- 20
Reaction burpees – 20
Up down plank – 10
Pike to plank – 10
Abdominal curls -20
Oblique curls – 10 each side
Hip lift with leg lift – 10 each leg

Advanced Workout

Bodyweight Dirty Dozen
12 Bodyweight Exercises performed 12 times. Repeat 2 to 3 times.
1. Prisoner Lunge Forward (Option to kick it up with a Forward/Reverse combination)
2. Alternating Pushup T-Plank
3. Star Squats
4. 90s/180s/360s – choose your count
5. Alternating Hands In Pushup to Hands Out Pushup
6. Core Four: Curl, Hip Press, Reverse Curl, Crunch Extension (12 each)
7. Prisoner Lunge Reverse (Option to kick it up with a Forward/Reverse combination)
8. Eight Point Squat Thrust (2 scissors)
9. Total Body Extensions
10. Pistol Squats
11. Spiderman Lunges
Core Four: Alternating Oblique Twist, Full Body Roll-up, Russian Twist, Crunch Extension

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