Workout of the Week #3

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You can participate in the Get Fit Challenge anywhere, at any time with our Workout of the Week! This week’s fitness routine is brought to you by ECS Exercise, LaGrange!

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ECS Exercise Workout

Beginner workout
-Lateral leg raise 30×2
-Lunge & Reach 20×2
-Squat & Twist 30×2
-Lunge & Twist 20×2
– Oblique Jacks 40×2
-Opposite elbow to opposite knee 40×2
-Hydrants 40×2
-Donkey Kicks 40×2
-Skater lunges 30×2
-Curtsy Lunges 30×2
-Standing leg circles 30×2
-Hydrant & Kick 30×2
-Good mornings 20×2
-Single leg deadlift 25×2
-Skater hops 20×2
– Single leg deadlift hop 20×2
-One leg deadlift to knee drive 20×2
– Squat holds & rock back and forth 20×2
-Warrior pose hold for 45 seconds x2
-Sumo squats 25×2

-Side plank leg lift 12×2
-Leg lift & hold for 30 seconds x2
-Tree Pose hold for 30 seconds x2
-Push up and row 12×2
-Lunge and knee drive 15×2
-Side plank with taps 10×2
-Plank hop overs 12×2
-Leg raise rainbows 12×2
-Plank jackleg lifts 15×2
-Lunge with oblique knee tuck 15×2
-In and out squat jumps 20×2
-Heel bridge 20×2
-Squat pulse 30×2

-Single leg burpees 20×2
-Cross body knees 30×2
-Jumping lunges 30×2
-Squat jump 30×2
-Squat jumping jacks 40×2
-Frog hops 20×2
-Airborne lunge 25×2
-Lunge burpee 20×2
-Spiderman burpee 20×2
-Squat jumps 30×2
-Alternating lateral taps 30×2
-Plank skater hops 20×2
-Standing oblique tucks 20×2
-Rainbow lunge 30×2
-Posterior plank hold for 1-minute x2
-Extension plank hold for 1-minute x3
-Squat scissor 30×2
-Donkey kick burpee 20×2

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4 thoughts on “Workout of the Week #3

  1. Even the beginner circuit is challenging! I love it!

  2. Yup I agree with Wendy, it’s a challenge and it felt great!

  3. My first time doing the workout of the week, it’s Nice to have an alternate when you can’t make it to the gym.

  4. You need a link that explains what these exercises are or a short video. I don’t think many people will spend the time looking up these exercises