Workout of the Week #2

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We know your busy schedule sometimes prevents you from getting to the gym or hiking up your favorite trail. That’s why we offer Workout of the Week! These fitness routines can be done anytime, anywhere!

This week’s WoW is brought to you by Northern Dutchess Hospital Wellness Center
By Ben Coons, Exercise Specialist at NDH Wellness Center

Beginner Workout
Slow walk for 5 minutes
Brisk walk for 10 minutes
Jog for 5 minutes
Brisk walk for 10 minutes

Intermediate Workout
Slow walk for 5 minutes
15 minutes of running
1 minute of jumping jacks
1 minute of body-weight squats
Brisk walk for 8 minutes

Advanced Workout
Jog for 5 minutes
Alternate 30-second sprints with 30-second jogging for 10 minutes
5 minute run
30 seconds of burpees
30 seconds of push-ups
30 seconds of mountain climbers
30 seconds of body-weight squats
30 seconds of high knees
30 seconds of jumping jacks
30-second plank
30 seconds of push-ups
Jog for 6 minutes

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One thought on “Workout of the Week #2

  1. Great workout of the week! I just did the intermediate workout. Thanks Ben!