Workout of the Week #1

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We know your busy schedule sometimes prevents you from getting to the gym or hiking up your favorite trail. That’s why we offer Workout of the Week! After completing our weekly fitness routine, enter your activity like any other workout by choosing “Workout of the Week” from the list of dropdown options. These fitness routines can be done anytime, anywhere!
This week’s WoW is brought to you by ECS Exercise. #WeGetFit

Beginner workout
High knees for 20 seconds
Sumo squat 20
Squat & calf raise 20
Lateral shuffles for 15 seconds
Mountain climbers for 15 seconds
Lateral leg raise 20 reps
Lunge & Reach 20 reps
Squat & Twist 20 reps
Lunge & Twist 20 reps
High knees for 20 seconds
Sumo squat 20
Squat & calf raise 20
Lateral shuffles for 15 seconds
Mountain climbers for 15 seconds
Oblique Jacks 20 reps
Opposite elbow to opposite knee 30 reps
Hydrants 30 reps
Donkey Kicks 25 reps
Skater lunges 15 seconds
Curtsy Lunges 20 each leg
Standing leg circles 20 each direction on each leg
Hydrant & Kick 20 reps
Good mornings for 20 seconds
Single leg deadlift 15 reps
Skater hops 15 seconds
Single leg deadlift hop 12 reps
One leg deadlift to knee drive 10 reps
Squat holds & rock back and forth 15 seconds x2
Warrior pose hold for 10 seconds x2
Pile squats 20 reps x2

Intermediate Workout
Push up 10 seconds x2
Star jumps 15 seconds x2
High knees 15 seconds x2
Squat 20 reps x2
High knees for 20 seconds x2
Sumo squat 20 x2
Squat & calf raise 20×2
Lateral shuffles for 15 seconds
Mountain climbers 20 seconds
Side plank leg lift 15 seconds each side
Standing leg lift & hold for 15 seconds x2 on each leg
Tree Pose hold for 10 seconds x2
Push up and row 15 seconds
Lunge and knee drive 15 seconds each leg
Side plank with taps 15 seconds each side
Plank hop overs 15 seconds
Leg raise rainbows 20 seconds
Plank jack leg lifts 20 seconds
Lunge with oblique knee tuck 20 seconds
In and out squat jumps 20 seconds
Pile squats 20 seconds x2
Heel bridge 20 Reps x2
Squat pulse 20 Seconds

Advanced workout
Bear crawls 15 seconds
Crab walks 15 seconds
T holds for 30 seconds on each side
Inch worms 15 seconds
Single leg burpees 20 reps
Cross body knees 20 seconds
Jumping lunges 20 seconds
Squat jump 20 seconds
Squat jumping jacks 20n seconds
Frog hops 15 seconds x2
Airborne lunge 15 reps
Lunge burpee 10 reps
Spiderman burpee 10 reps
Squat jumps 15 seconds
Alternating lateral taps 15 seconds
Plank skater hops 20 seconds
Standing oblique tucks 15 seconds
Rainbow lunge 15 reps
Posterior plank hold for 20 seconds
Extension plank hold for 20 seconds
Squat scissor 20 seconds
Donkey kick burpee 12 reps
High knees 15 seconds
Burpee 15 seconds
Jump Jacks 15 seconds
Star jumps 15 seconds
Alternating backward lung 15 seconds

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7 thoughts on “Workout of the Week #1

  1. I don’t know what half of these moves are. There should be a description of the exercise somewhere on this website. A YouTube video would also be helpful.

  2. A description of the exercises would be helpful, especially for beginners who may not know what many of these terms mean.

  3. alex,

    I am feeling those lunge burpees today!

  4. Love this and ECS!!

  5. Done!

  6. Hi Ellen and CodyLissa, this Workout of the Week fitness routine was created by a trainer at ECS Exercise; while we are unable to expand on the description of these exercise techniques, logging activity for this WoW counts as long as you completed it to the best of your ability!

  7. to those who are unsure what the exercises are, you can always google each term for a description. Often Youtube has demonstrations of how to properly execute certain exercises.