What are some postpartum exercises?

via Get Fit Challenge

Once you have received clearance from your OB provider, says primary care physician Dr. Costley, postpartum exercise can be very beneficial in helping your body recover from those long 9 months. Dr. Costley suggests choosing activities that will gradually develop your cardiovascular fitness as well as core exercises to strengthen your back muscles. This will help provide endurance and stability for all of the heavy lifting, standing and bending that caring for a newborn requires. The doctor recommends starting with walking for 15-30 minutes followed by one leg standing drills. You can then progress to jogging, cycling and planking.

Getting time to attend gym classes can be challenging, so you may find that working out at home for two 15 minutes blocks in the AM and PM might be doable. There are plenty of exercise videos that could be an option as well. Dr. Costley often reminds new mothers that taking time to focus on their own physical and mental health will help them handle all the stress and joy that goes with being a parent.

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