Spectacular Views — And Perhaps A Bald Eagle Sighting — At Black Creek Preserve

via Get Fit Challenge

Black Creek Preserve is a great destination for a family-friendly hike, despite a few uphill climbs that may elicit groans from the under-10 contingent. Still, kids will love crossing the dramatic suspension bridge that spans the creek and exploring the Hudson River shoreline, whose flat stones are tailor-made for skipping.

But the 130-acre preserve and its 2 miles of forested trails also provide a perfect place to explore some of the region’s threatened species—from blueback herring and alewives that journey from the ocean to deposit their eggs in Black Creek to tall hemlocks under siege from the insect woolly adelgid. Information about these and other endangered plants and animals, as well as the creek itself, appears on kiosks throughout the preserve. The park is also one of our 80+ workout locations for the challenge!

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