Questions about nutrition?

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Registered dietitian Stephanie Houston is here this week to answer your nutrition questions! We all have different eating habits: what we like to eat, how much we like to eat, and even when we like to eat. If you have a question about nutrition, ask away! Just leave a comment below and Stephanie will respond to you shortly.

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4 thoughts on “Questions about nutrition?

  1. Do you have any nutrition advice for people struggling with weight loss due to having no thyroid? I workout 5-6 times weekly for 45-60 min, eat fairly well and my numbers never change. Thyroid levels routinely monitored and decent with medication. ~Kathy

  2. What should we eat and how often should we eat for more energy?

  3. “Hi Kathy! If your thyroid levels are stable then your metabolism should be functioning at close to normal level for your age. Some things you want to look at include how much strength training you are doing during your workouts to build muscle, how much fluid you are consuming every day, how much dairy is in your diet – cheese especially and how much fiber are you eating. I find that these are the ones that typically need the most tweaking when it comes to meeting weight-loss goals. Good luck!” -Stephanie Houston

  4. “Hi Wendy! The body fuels itself primarily from carbohydrates but it requires balance of the other macros (protein and fat) to keep energy levels from dipping down. We should be eating seasonal, locally grown, nutrient-dense meals that provide a little bit of everything especially fiber, no less than three times a day to keep the body fueled and ready to go!” -Stephanie Houston