Last Workout of the Week routine!

via Get Fit Challenge


Main set:
Do 3-5 rounds of:
10x Chair tricep dips
10x Knee push-ups
20x Sit to stand from a standard chair (use arms if needed)
Balance on one foot for 30 seconds, then switch!

Cool down:
10 minute walk/stretch


Main set:
10x push ups
1 flight of stairs
20x Chair tricep dips
30x Squats plank hold for time
(do as many rounds as possible in 15-20 minutes!)

Cool down:
Jog or walk for 1 mile


Main set:
Run 1/2 mile
50x Push-ups
50x Sit-ups
50x Squats
50x Flutter Kicks
50x Chair Tricep Dips
Run 1/2 mile
(Repeat as many rounds as possible trying to improve time!)

Cool down:

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2 thoughts on “Last Workout of the Week routine!

  1. Tina,

    This beginner is getting going, thank you WOW!

  2. Gina Mann,

    Can feel it in my quads