Last Day Of The Challenge

via Get Fit Challenge

Today is the last day of our Get Fit Challenge fitness challenge. Way to step up, #WeGetFit crew! As a community, we made amazing progress with our health over the past six weeks. Stay tuned for our winners next week, and keep up the good work.

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4 thoughts on “Last Day Of The Challenge

  1. Great program!!!

  2. I have really enjoyed the 6 week challenge and have been inspired by the many postings and healthy-selfies at so many venues across our beautiful Hudson Valley. Even if I was working-out alone I felt a sense of community being a part of GETFITHV. Thanks to all who put the program together, keep it going and inspire us all to GET GOING!!! Looking forward to the Fall challenge next 🙂

  3. This program motivated me to do things that I only thought about in the past, like riding my bike to and from work on the Rail Trail, 12 miles each way!!! Now, I have no more excuses, I know I can do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Makes me accountable and want to move!!!