Workout of the Week #3

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Working out at one of our 180+ locations? No? That’s okay! Working out at home still counts with our Workout of the Week option. This week’s WoW is brought to you by Mike Arteaga’s Health and Fitness!



Warm up
-Side lunges
-Side to side reach
-Quarter squats
-March in place


-Tabata squats
-Side lunges
-Table top push-ups
-Flutter push-up
-Prisoner squats
-Side watches
-Intermission stretch


Cool down over at stretch
-Chest stretch
-Side lateral stretch
-Double hamstring stretch
-Spinal decompression stretch
-Spinal rotation stretch
-Trapezius stretch
-Hip flexor stretch



-March in place – 20 times
-Jog in place – 20 times
-Step side to side – 10 times each side
-Step and curl the leg up – 10 times each leg


-Sumo Squats -15
-Skater Lunges – 20
-Total body extensions- 15
-Single leg deadlift – 10 on each leg
-Mountain climbers- 20
-Reaction burpees – 20
-Up down plank – 10
-Pike to plank – 10
-Abdominal curls -20
-Oblique curls – 10 each side
-Hip lift with leg lift – 10 each leg



Bodyweight Dirty Dozen
12 Bodyweight Exercises performed 12 times. Repeat 2 to 3 times.
1. Prisoner Lunge Forward (Option to kick it up with a Forward/Reverse combination)
2. Alternating Pushup T-Plank
3. Star Squats
4. 90s/180s/360s – choose your count
5. Alternating Hands In Pushup to Hands Out Pushup
6. Core Four: Curl, Hip Press, Reverse Curl, Crunch Extension (12 each)
7. Prisoner Lunge Reverse (Option to kick it up with a Forward/Reverse combination)
8. Eight Point Squat Thrust (2 scissors)
9. Total Body Extensions
10. Pistol Squats
11. Spiderman Lunges
12. Core Four: Alternating Oblique Twist, Full Body Roll-up, Russian Twist, Crunch Extension

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