Workout of the Week #1

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We know your busy schedule sometimes prevents you from getting to the gym or hiking up your favorite trail. That’s why we offer Workout of the Week! After completing our weekly fitness routine, enter your activity like any other workout by choosing “Workout of the Week” from the list of dropdown options. These fitness routines can be done anytime, anywhere! Workout of the Week #1 is brought to you by Gold’s Gym in Carmel.


You can do this fitness routine at any one of our 180+ locations or in the privacy of your own home.



-3 sets of 16 for each exercise
-3 sets of push-ups against the wall
-Wall squats slide up and down wall (use little ball behind your back if you have one)
-Sit in chair front shoulder raise (use can of soup/veggies for added weights)
-Sit in chair side shoulder lateral raise (use can of soup/veggies for added weight)
-Cool down walk 10 minutes



-3 sets of 16 -20 Push-ups (on knees if needed)
-Squats (2 sets of 30 squats)
-Stand use if you have hand weights use 3lb to 5lb if not use canned soup/ veggies
-3 sets of 16
-Bicep curls/Hammer curls
-Plank full out or on knees (hold as long as you can)
-Light jog or brisk walk for one mile



-Run ½ Mile
-3 sets of 20 for the following
-Lunges side to side (step out, step in)
-Mountain Climbers
-Reverse curls (for abs)

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8 thoughts on “Workout of the Week #1

  1. I feel the burn!!

  2. WOW intermediate complete!

  3. Starting with beginners this week. Perfect for a rainy day

  4. WOW complete for today’s exercise

  5. How do I log the weekly WOW? What do I enter for location?

  6. Hello Sarah. I am one of the admins. Please select Workout of the Week under the check-in/location menu.

  7. Feeling the squats today!! Wow

  8. Beginner